The change in Government guidelines on the Covid 19 response leaves us with no option other than to close the Club after Flyball with Agility on Wednesday 4th November, this Wednesday, for four weeks. All courses will be suspended and restarted as soon as we possibly can. The precise restart details will be emailed to you, put on our website and announced on Facebook as soon as we are certain of Government plans. Even this morning  there was some doubt cast on the period of four weeks by a senior  government figure!
Throughout the Autumn the warmth, friendliness and positivity in the Club has been delightfully obvious to see and I know that this comes as a blow to us all but we will bounce back from this, just as we did in the earlier part of the year.
We have discussed the provision of online training, as requested by a couple of members, but we don’t feel that we can train by any existing method in such a manner that would give you the value for the course that you have paid for, We hope that you understand. We would urge you to come back so well versed in the disciplines already covered that we can concentrate fully on the outstanding areas when you return.
If anyone would like to be added to the WhatsApp group that we started in the last lockdown: ‘Magic Dogs’ mail me and I’ll add you. If anyone needs help, dog related or otherwise, we will always try to help.
Keep well and fingers crossed we will see you again in December if we don’t see you before Wednesday.