Foundation Courses are held indoors in wet weather and outdoors if fine. The objective of the foundation course is to provide owners with a wide range of skills so that they can care for and train their dog to be a happy well behaved pet.

These courses are for puppies or dogs that may have had little or no training. It is not necessarily suitable for dogs with behavioural problems, please discuss and specific behavioural problems with us before booking.  We accept puppies on our Puppy Foundation as soon as they have had their vaccinations. Dogs over 8 months will go into the Junior and Adult version of the course.

The foundation course covers a wide range of situations but by the end of the course your dog should be able to:

  • Dog & Puppy TrainingFocus on you on command
  • Come to you when called
  • Sit, stand and lie down on command
  • Be willing to be groomed, examined and handled by various people
  • Cope with changes in circumstances and unusual events
  • Feel relaxed meeting new dogs and people.


You can contact us at:
0772 088 6742 or  [email protected]