All classes are 45 minutes

Courses are held indoors in winter outdoor in summer (weather permitting).
Obedience, socialisation, jumping, obstacles and fun, all in one course.
Dogs can only be accepted into this class once they have successfully completed our foundation course or they have done basic training elsewhere and be at least one year old. We offer Puppy Agility for under one year that is low/no impact.

We offer the following courses depending on the age and experience of your dog.

  • Obedience for agility-For dogs that need to improve obedience with a slow introduction to equipment (One to One training  by request)
  • Puppy Agility – Low to No impact to familiarise puppies with the equipment and commands. and to bridge the gap between Puppy Foundation and Beginners Agility.
  • Beginners Agility— Suitable for dogs one year and over who have never done agility, Your dog will progress to a simple course of 5 obstacles by the end of the course.
  • Mixed Agility – The opportunity to practice and learn, improving all the time.
  • Intermediate Agility – When you feel that you are competent in the various disciplines and items of equipment you may choose to move up to an Intermediate class with other experienced performers.
  • Agility with Flyball – Ay any point after a season of mixed agility you may join Agility with Flyball which adds in the fun discipline of bringing back dog triggered, machine thrown, tennis balls.

Please note that we are a Fun Agility Club using Kennel Club competition standards and although we do recognise that some members choose to partake of competition agility we are not a competition club. We offer agility for mental and physical challenges, health social and obedience benefits.


You can contact us at:
0772 088 6742 or  [email protected]