Dog Behavioural Problems

Sometimes you may need help on a “one to one” basis with problems that cannot be fully addressed in a group training course, these may include:

  • separation anxiety
  • destructive behaviour
  • urinating or defacating in the home
  • unwanted barking
  • mouthing and nipping
  • aggression on lead

To help you address these problems we offer an assessment and where necessary home visit service. This involves you completing an extensive questionnaire to ascertain the extent of your dog’s problem and it’s personal situation.

This is then analysed by one or more of our trainers and a home visit or one-to-one arranged, as appropriate. At the home visit our trainers will view the behaviour of the dog in its own environment and clarify or obtain more information and make suggestions.

After a home visit or a one-to-one at the Club the trainer may provide you with, if necessary, a referral to a vet or other specialist.

The cost of an assessment and a home visit for members is £95.00, A half hour at the Club is £30.00 and a full hour at The Club is £60.00

You can contact us at:
0772 088 6742  or
[email protected]