We have now started our Autumn season of classes, starting September 21st, We are offering a waiting list service with a promise that we will put on a course relevant to your need as soon as we possibly can. As ever, email or facebook message us if you need One to One training, problem behaviour training or a 30 min Agility taster to see whether it suits you and your dog. We are still constrained by the effects of Covid 19 with reduced class sizes but we strive to have a comprehensive range of courses and agility available to book at all times and a strict Covid 19 protocol in place . Thank you for your support!

Fun Puppy and Dog Training At Bradfield

Within easy reach of:

North Walsham, Stalham, Cromer, Wroxham, Coltishall, Sheringham, Aylsham, Holt, and Norwich
Established 15 years

At Animal Magic we look to create a fun experience that helps you establish your dog as a happy, fulfilled, obedient member of the family. Further, our activity courses and activity training provide exercise and fun that ensures, fitness, engagement, stimulation and reinforces those core disciplines. An exercised and stimulated dog that understands boundaries is a happy family dog.

Once you have paid the £7.00 per annum membership fee, you are free to book any of our courses and to take advantage of our extensive services.

  • FREE Puppy Socialisation. (Suspended while Social Distancing persists)
  • FREE catch up should you miss a class, by discussion.
  • Foundation courses for puppies and dogs.
  • Our Barn, indoor training facility.
  • Our outdoor paddock facility, Winter and Summer, weather permitting.
  • Secure, rentable exercise facilities.
  • Careful monitoring of classes and class numbers; with second trainers or trained assistants added as required.
  • Specialist services for: Rescues, Specific Behavioural Concerns, Pulling, Nervous dogs, Socially Challenged Dogs and FREE advice on needs.

T&C’s apply

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Our Puppy and Dog Training Facilities

The Barn

The Barn

The Paddock

The Paddock

Animal Magic Dog Club is dedicated to public education and fund raising for local and national charities, we are previous winners of the prestigious BT Community Champions Award.
You can contact us at: 0772 088 6742 or at [email protected] 


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