Courses are held indoors and outdoors depending on the weather.

This course is designed to produce “the ideal” family dog. Successful handler & dog teams will receive  the Animal Magic “Ideal Dog Certificate” on completion of all the exercises. Assessment is continuous (there is no test).

Dogs should only come into this course if they have successfully completed our Foundation course or they have done basic training elsewhere. By the end of the course your dog should be able to:

  • Walk on lead without pulling
  • Wait at gates and doors
  • Pay attention to you when there are distractions
  • Play with and give up a toy
  • Be easy to handle by you and other people.
  • Meet other dogs on lead in a relaxed and controlled manner
  • Come when called
  • Tie up outside without barking or pulling
  • Be left on their own without getting stressed
  • Demonstrate excellent mealtime and bedtime manners

Class options

10 week course with a maximum of 10 dogs in a class and a minimum of two trainers.

5 week course (Deluxe) with a maximum of 4 dogs and one trainer.