Would you like more customers for your pet related business?

Then why not let us help you? We have over 1600 pet owning people on our database mostly in the North Norfolk area and a wealth of marketing experience we can share with you. Some examples of how we can help you are:

  • The Customer Generator– a very easy, home study course guaranteed to generate more customers at no or low cost
  • E-mail service – we can send out details of your product or service to some or all of the people on our database (please note we do not sell lists from our database ) our customers will contact you if interested.
  • Press releases– we can advise, design, draft and circulate these for you to local press and radio.
  • Display your business cards/literature in our premises.

For full details you can contact us at 01263 720 730  or at [email protected] 

When I first started in business over twenty years ago I had absolutely no experience in marketing, in fact, I didn’t even know what it meant. But having booked myself onto a business start up course, I dutifully attended the marketing workshop and was hooked – especially once I realised it was all about getting and keeping customers.

Over the years, I attended numerous courses and workshops, and met some interesting people; but the outcome was nearly always the same – I came away from the course with a smart folder full of theory, possibly with an action plan, but with very little practical application to my tiny one person business.

As my various businesses grew, friends and colleagues kept asking me for tips to help them generate customers for their businesses; and so the Customer Generator was born.

Who is the Customer Generator aimed at?

The Customer Generator is designed for use by someone who has little or no marketing expertise, but who needs a low cost, quick and easy method of generating and retaining customers. You may be thinking of starting a business, or have already started one but would like more customers.  Whichever, the Customer Generator is equally useful to “start ups” and existing businesses.

What is the Customer Generator?

The Customer Generator is a module of 22 free, or low cost, practical solutions. They are guaranteed to improve your acquisition of new customers and the retention and spending capacity of existing ones. Each solution breaks down into four sections:

  1. Information on the subject (for example how to write an effective press release);
  2. An example on how I personally used the information to improve my business;
  3. A practical activity so that you can relate the information to your business;
  4. A copycat folder (a folder created by you to hold examples of excellent customer generation that you have collected).

1. Information

For each chapter I have collected very brief, but essential, information on the subject and condensed this into two or three pages of text. So it will take you no more than a couple of minutes to read it through. You can, of course, carry out more research in a particular area if it interests you.

2. An example

I then relate how I used this information, in a practical way, to generate more customers for my business; highlighting my successes and pitfalls.

3. A practical exercise

Once you have read the information and my example, there is an activity for you to do, so that you can relate this information to your business or proposed business and produce a practical plan to make business improvements that will either generate more customers, or produce more business from existing customers (or, possibly, both).

4.Copycat Folder

Finally, I suggest you start a folder, where you can store examples of really good customer generation, that you can use as inspiration for your business. For example, you may collect a really good advert or a press release that you feel is outstanding or samples of outstanding brochures. Remember, big companies spend a fortune getting their customer generation right and there is nothing to stop you using their principles and ideas, as inspiration for your own.

How do I use the Customer Generator?

This is up to you. You can either read the entire module and get a total overview of what your business needs to do now to generate more customers, or you can go straight to the chapter that you feel you want to tackle first. If you choose the former, I have included for your use, a business priority checklist. This is to help you plan when to do each activity and implement your changes, as it is unlikely that you will be able to carry out all the activities and implement all your changes immediately.